Contact Info
Dr. Radha M S
Professor and Vice Principal

Professional Qualifications

  • Ph.D in Nursing

Areas of Research Interest

  • Growth and development of children
  • Infant and young child feeding practices

Current Research Publication (last 5 years)

  1. Subhashini L., Radha M S., A study to assess the stress among the parents of neonates  admitted in NICU of a tertiary  care  teaching hospital.J Clin Biomed Sci2019; 9(1)
  2. Subhashini L., Radha M S.,  Effectiveness of OSCE in assessment of clinical competencies and perception of OSCE among nursing students RGUHS J Nursing Sciences 2018 December; 8(2).28-32
  3. Radha M S and Subhashini L., A study to assess the Relation between Prevalence of diarrhea among underfive children and Knowledge on Feeding practices of mothers of underfive children, in a selected rural area, Kolar district. Int J Adv Res 6(5). May 2018, 596-600
  4. Radha M S., Subhashini LA study to assess the knowledge regarding shaken baby syndrome among mothers of infants in a selected hospital Kolar with a view to develop an information leaflet RGUHS J Nursing Sciences 2017 June; 7(3).36-40
  5. Subhashini L, Radha M S., A comparative study on effectiveness of two pain assessment scales among Newborn babies in R. L Jalappa Hospital and Research Center. RGUHS J Nursing Sciences 2017 June; 7(3).17-21
  6. Radha M S., Subhashini L, Prabhu I., Baby G K., Banubi., Help seeking Behavior of adolescents at Kolar. J Clin Biomed Sci 2016; 6(2): 56-58

Professional Membership

  • Trained Nurses Association of India