Student Nurses Association

Student Nurses Association works to provide opportunity for personal, intellectual, professional and social growth of its members. The association believes that professional development remains incomplete without socio-cultural & recreational component. Dynamism and energy of present youth who enter the nursing profession is channelized constructively into fine arts, dramas, and different varieties of cultural programmes like dance, music, painting and other competitions. Sports and games are becoming extremely popular and competitions are held at unit level, state level and at the national level.

The objectives of SNA are:

  • To help the students to uphold the dignity of the profession.
  • To promote team spirit among students for common goal.
  • To help the students to develop professional ethics.
  • To encourage students to gain positive attitude towards the nursing profession
  • To encourage the students to develop leadership quality and effective
    communication skills for overall development.
  • To encourage students to participate and compete in various events at state,
    regional and national conferences.

The SNA organizes the following Socio-cultural & recreational activities every year.

  • Sports competitions –chess, carrom, cricket, volley ball, running race etc.
  • Cultural competitions like dance, singing, fashion show, mehandi , rangoli,
    painting, debate, quiz etc.
  • Intercollegiate competitions
  • University level competitions
  • Freshers day and Farewell party
  • Celebration of Regional and National Festivals