TOPICS FOR CNE 2018-2019

SL. No. Topics Name of the faculty
1 Pain Management Ms.Shweta Garadi
2 Competency based education Ms.Gayathri.M.
3 Drug administration in children – calculation of dosage Mr.Ranganatha.C.
4 Recent Health programmes/ Govt. Actions related MCH Ms.Vinodhini.C.K.
5 Pain management in children Mrs.Sandhya.P.
6 Legal aspects in relation to mental health nursing practice Mrs.Chrishma Violla D’Souza
7 Emergency code management Mrs.Archana Gaonkar


SL. No. Topics Name of the facultyDate
1 Access, Assessment and Continuity of Care (AAC) Ms.Arulshanthi.M. 10.09.2019
2 Care of Patients (COP) Mrs.Poornima.M. 11.09.2019
3 Management of Medication (MOM) Mrs.Archana Goankar 25.09.2019
4 Patient Rights and Education (PRE) Mrs.Vanitha.N. 12.09.2019
5 Hospital Infection Control (HIC) Mrs.Latha.U.S. 13.09.2019
6 Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Ms.Gayathri.M. 30.09.2019
7 Responsibilities of Management (ROM) Mrs.Susha Mary Roy 03.10.2019
8 Facility Management and Safety (FMS) Mr.Manjunatha.K. 04.10.2019
9 Human Resource Management (HRM) Mrs.Sangeetha.X. 09.10.2019
10 Information Management System (IMS) Mrs.Salome.P. 10.10.2019


SL. No. Date Topic No. of Participants Name of the presenter Designation
1 20.05.2020 Setting up of digital War-room for managing COVID-19 by BBMP 100-105 Mrs.Chrishma Violla D’Souza Lecturer, RINER
2 30.05.2020 Setting up and management of COVID-19 patients at Ramaiah Hospitals 125 Mrs.Lissy John Nursing Superintendent, RMCH
3 02.06.2020 Covid-19 Diagnosis and treatment 125 Ms.Arul Shanthi.M. Asst.Lecturer, RINER
4 08.06.2020 Nursing Care of Covid-19 Patient at Royal Free Hospital, London 125-130 Ms.Jennifer Belsher Deputy Team Leader of Royal Free Hospital, London, UK.
5 12.06.2020 Caring for COVID19 – Patients at Victoria Hospital, Bengaluru 125-130 Mr. Jagadeesh Kumbar Nursing Officer, Trauma Care Center, Victoria Hospital, Bangalore Medical College and Research Institution, Bengaluru.
6 17.06.2020 Use of personal protective equipments (PPE) 125-130 Mr.Vanindar Kumar Asst.Lecturer, RINER
7 29.06.2020 Survive the Pandemic – Nursing Action in Right Direction 140-150 Ms. Deepa Chugh Head of Nursing Services and Principal, National Heart Institute, New Delhi
8 20.08.2020 Discussion on Managing Nursing Services in times of COVID-19 pandemic National & Internal experts (8)
9 09.09.2020 Nursing Practice Act in India National & Internal experts (8) Principal, RINER