Community Outreach Activities

The Community Health Nursing department of Ramaiah Institute of Nursing Education and Research conducts outreach activities in Bettahalsur, Bangalore. We are a part of the Interdisciplinary Community Orientation Programme (IDCOP) which is conducted at Kaiwara, Kolar every year. Students conduct outreach activities like General health screening camps, school health screening for dental carries and refractory errors, in urban and rural areas. Students also participate in national health programmes like pulse polio immunization programme and MCH programmes.

Community Outreach Activities

Nurses make up a major proportion of the health workforce in the community. Community health nurse is the backbone in delivering health care services to individuals, families, communities, population, and societies—both now, and for generations to come. Community health nurse takes the health care services at the doorstep of the people, to identify and gauge the health needs of population, develop and evaluate initiatives to maximize health benefits and engage in promotion and realization of conditions to address and monitor population health issues. They act as health providers, leaders, advocates, educator and collaborators in care. Public Health nursing in the Indian context is an important part of the curriculum. The College of Nursing strongly emphasizes preventive and promotive health. The college has committed itself to nurture the student’s training with right attitude to work in community health care settings. Students are placed at Sanjay Nagar primary health centre for urban posting and Bettahalasur primary health centre covering 22 villages for rural community postings. Both of these placements are for eight weeks duration. Students are mentored for the following activities during their placements.
  1. To conduct Community health Survey
  2. To screen population of all age groups for common ailments
  3. To provide need based care to individual, family and community at their door step
  4. To perform comprehensive family centered care to client such as antenatal, postnatal, newborn babies, under five children, school aged children and adolescents.
  5. To educate community about right nutrition practice for various age groups in order to address nutrition deficiency
  6. To provide health education for individuals, large and small groups based on their needs
  7. To spread awareness about various common health issues through observation of important International days (e.g. World health day, World no tobacco day, World breast feeding week, Women’s day, World mental health day)
  8. To perform health assessment/ screening for common heath ailments for school children
  9. To participate in National health programmes like Pulse Polio Programme, along with the Government health personnel
  10. To participate in Health camps conducted in Crystal house (Immunization) and Muddenahalli ( Diabetes, Hypertension, Screen for dental and ENT related issues)
  11. To maintain family record for each family
  12. To identify clients who are in need of medical care and refer them to Primary Health Centres, Government Hospitals or Private Hospitals.

Inter Disciplinary Community Orientation Programme is an innovative programme, wherein the students of various Ramaiah institutions viz Nursing, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Dental and Medical participate together. IDCOP gives immense opportunities to our students to work together in group with team spirit. We train the Junior level students with basic knowledge and skills that are necessary to initiate, monitor, develop and strengthen their abilities and to get sensitized to the realities of urban and rural health issues at earliest stage through interdisciplinary learning. IDCOP is a three weeks programme that commences every year from third week of November to first week of December. The key activities of the programme are

  1. To conduct community health survey
  2. To perform social mapping involving the community members
  3. To participate in health camps to screen for common health problems in the community
  4. To conduct Family assessment and family case study
  5. To learn complex decision making process in real life situations through Simulation games
  6. To organize and conduct Health education programme for the community
  7. To perform School health examination and conduct health awareness sessions
  8. To learn about administrative setup and functions of primary heath care centre, Taluk hospital and Anganwadi centre
  9. To teach students regarding voluntary service to the community (e.g. painting of anganwadi centre, planting saplings, clean up the school )
  10. To maintain an individual record of the activities carried out in IDCOP

Our community outreach programs have been found interesting by students from foreign universities. We have been receiving nursing students from Montana state University, USA and Salford University, UK for a few years now for student exchange program. These students spend 3-4 weeks at our rural and urban community programs and work with our students. The feedbacks from these students are encouraging