Dr. Jadhav Sonali Tarachand

Professional Qualifications

  • PhD in Nursing

Areas of Research Interest

  • Prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases.
  • Non-Communicable Disease care.
  • Public Policy(nursing)

Current Research Publication (last 5 years)

  • Jadhav ST, Gurung K. COVID-19 vaccination – a cross sectional survey on attitude and belief of nurses. International Journal of Science & Healthcare Research. 2022; 7(1): 135-139. DOI: https:// doi.org/10.52403/ijshr.20220123
  • Dr.Sonali Tarachand Jadhav, “Effectiveness of pre-hemodialysis preparatory program on compliance to therapeutic regimen in chronic kidney disease patients”: Indian Journal of Scientific Research (IJSR), 2019:8(9).
  • Dr.Sonali Tarachand Jadhav, “Effectiveness of pre-hemodialysis preparatory program in reducing anxiety and depression of chronic kidney disease patients”:Indian Journal of Applied Research (IJAR), 2019:9(9).
  • Dr.Sonali Tarachand Jadhav, “Stress and stressors experienced by patients on initiation of haemodialysis”:Global Journal for Research Analysis (GJRA), 2019:8(9).
  • Dr.Sonali Tarachand Jadhav, Dr.Premila Lee, Mrs. Chrishma Violla D’Souza, Effectiveness of Prehemodialysis preparatory program on improving coping among chronic kidney disease patients:Saudi J Kidney Diseases and Transplantation 2018;29(6):1342-1349.
  • Dr.Sonali Tarachand Jadhav, Mrs.Salome.P, Mr.Yogeendra Prabhu, Mrs.Malathi.K. A Case Control Study to Assess the Risk Factors Associated With Lung Cancer IJMSIR : A Medical Publication Hub Volume – 3, Issue –1, February – 2018, Page No. : 158 – 172

Professional Membership

  • Trained Nurses Association of India (TNAI).
  • Nursing Research Society of India(NRSI).